The NovaBeatz are a group of talented DJ’s collating together to bring nothing but joy to your living room. We as a team want to work together and expand into something bigger. Music helps all of us, which is why it’s important for us to make sure we please all of our viewers on Twitch. To do this, we have more than 10 DJ’s that play a diverse mixture of music. Each of our DJ’s are different, playing different Genres, using different emotes, different ways to interact with their viewers and so on. The NovaBeatz welcome anyone and everyone to the club. No matter how old you are, you’ll always love music. With that in mind, come and view some of our DJ’s when they’re live! Join our discord to receive live notifications, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we appreciate it all!




Ajent Able has been rocking dance floors of New England & across the US/Canada for over 25 years.

A native and current resident of Connecticut, Ajent Able has played local, and nationally recognized Night Clubs, along with radio & online events making him a respected and go-to resource in the nightlife industry.


Close your eyes, let the movement and energy of music take over and awaken your soul. Let go of everything, to be here & now, to be present and just to be. Creating organic, deep, hypnotic mixes for us to take a journey together.


Devyn Key is a music producer & DJ based out of Minneapolis, US, specializing in highly danceable progressive & tech house, full of emotion & irresistible rhythms. She’s played club and festival slots opening for artists such as Ilan Bluestone, Cristoph, Qrion, and Luttrell. Come say hi!


Big Up From BK! Thank you for coming to the club. The door is always open. I started to DJ back in 92. I also have passion for motion graphics and art. Twitch has allowed me to showcase it to the world. Just a creative guy doing creative things! Respect.


Hey everyone, my name is DJ Madraver. I have been a dj in NYC for many years, old school raver. I was a dj in the 90 and resigned in 2002. Now I am back bringing good vibes to all. I am now with NovaBeatz, we have a great group of Dj’s that have one love and that is the music. Come vibe with me.


DJ/Producer/multi-intrumentalist from Croatia mostly spinnin and producing various Electronic music genres like Afro/Progressive House, Deep Tech, Tech House, Deep House and all with some Techno influence as well. Released tracks and remixes on Strobe Records, Cobalt Recordings, Special Recordings.


Hi DJ SirBlaze Here looking to have a good time. I have been Mixing for over 15 years and took the last 5 years off. I needed a well do break from the club life. I worked in alot of clubs in NYC and NJ. I mix all kinds of House & Trance Music so feel free to come hangout and enjoy the mix’s…



I am A DJ from Chicago been mixing since 80’s I’ve have dj with the best Chicago dj’s I’ve mixed all over with only 2 dj groups Demetrix DJ Team, Supreme Spinners. Founder of the HOUSEHEADS, From The 80’s Era I Love Old school House, New House , Freestyle much more But House is my Go To!


Pronounced ROO-ner (twitch won’t let me put the umlaut in). I mostly spin techno, synthwave and various genres of house, but I also play dnb and some other genres when I feel like it. I also do art stuff sometimes.


I go by the name of D_VAZZZ, I’m from Los Angeles, CA. S/o to everyone whom have shown nothing but love and support! I’m just trying to share the music I love with everyone who stops by the stream! Come hang out and lets have a drink!


DJ From NJ Started in 89 playing various genres. Here to have some fun and enjoy music with like minded people.


New to DJing and began as a result of the pandemic for a creative outlet. I love mixing all styles of house. Afro house, Bass house, Tech house, Jackin disco funk house, Organic & deep house, electronic, dance and trance. Here to have fun & dance with y’all!


Hey there, I’m Noise Ordinance and I play all kinds of music, but mainly house and Drum & Bass. I love a good sample and remix. Let’s enjoy music together!


DJ since 2008. No genre is safe, but I especially love dnb! I also love hosting good djs while I’m offline. ❤


Come one, come all! I’m from Orange County, California. I’m on here just playing the music and games I love. Welcome to P3’s Playhouse! 🙂


Hype, crazy, DJ / Producer from Cleveland OH. I am a music lover, tech junkie, yacht captain, haunted house actor, Halloween lover, Freddy Krueger freak, Garbage Pail Kids collector! I Love horror cosplay and have many personalities you just might meet on stream! I am here to JAM and HAVE FUN!!!

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